So much for never talking about S.T again… 
So for the fast few months we’ve occasionally talked via text. He tried numerous times to contact me but I never replied. A majority of that was due to me not being next to my phone, but the few times it was simply because I didn’t want to talk to him. 
About two weeks ago he mentioned that we could hang out when he came home and I casually went along with it not thinking too much. And then this week in the middle of IB Pre Calc, he asked if I wanted to hang out with him this weekend since he’d be home from college.
Next thing I know we’re talking until it time for me to go to practice. (keep in mind IBPC was right after lunch that day) Somehow I managed to say yes to seeing him knowing full well that if we were to hang out his house alone probably in his bedroom, something more than just friend stuff would happen.

So then that brings us to today.  No text, no call, no message, no anything. (it’s friday, he wanted to hang out on saturday…) Somehow I stumbled onto E.L’s page and while looking through her pictures, I noticed that he’d liked one of them. For some reason, this REALLY pissed me off. Or not even pissed me off, but more like upset me beyond anything. I don’t get it, what the fck is so fcking special about her? Like, I really don’t get it but she somehow manages to find her self in EVERYONE’S life and EVERYONE’S relationships. Go. Die. 


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